Wars and rumors of wars

In the past 2 weeks, we have faced a multi-yacht rolling crew, some french wormhole pvpers who wanted our heads, some less-than-a-month-old toons who didn’t know any better, and two consecutive hisec wardecs by gate camp crews.  I think the first one is because one of our members pissed someone else off on the EVE-O forums.  I’m not sure what brought about the second one (sometimes I think the hisec gate camp crews just watch for corps flying expensive ships, and some of our members do seem to have a penchant for losing rattlesnakes, so, you do the math…)

In addition to this, we are seeing a bunch of nullbros shooting a bunch of other nullbros.  According to some, this is the beginning of the end of the goonswarm/imperium/whatever the hell they call themselves.  According to others, this is the end of CO2 and certain former goon allies as they continue to adapt and restructure.  According to still others, this is the end of EVE altogether as CCP prepares to implement citadels, which will utterly ruin hisec carebear independence and make the first XL citadel owners infinitely rich and blah blah blah I don’t really care or follow it that closely.

What I do see is this:  EVE is alive and healthy, with active players getting pissed off about things and shooting eachother over it.  That, ultimately, is what this silly-ass space game is all about.

What I also see is this:  I just resubbed 3 accounts for a year each, used the resulting complimentary skill extractors to lobotomize a 4th account that I’m deliberately letting expire, and made a nice bundle of ISK in the process.  Not bad.  Time to buy something shiny and go get it blown up doing something stupid.

Good game.

o7 Fly topless o7


Stuff and things

Real life continues to amaze and surprise.

Got some big stuff coming, or planned at least.  Can’t talk about it in detail yet, but…  it is a great time to be alive, and EVE is still the best MMO for staying power.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share more about this in the coming months.  Maybe even podcastularly (new word, copyrighted, nyaa nyaa).

Another day, another fleet

We tried our best to find some pvp.  We really did.  We started out hunting with cloakies ready to pounce.  Then we tried baiting.  We tried getting fairly drunk and being deliberately bad.  We even tried chain-rolling multiple wormholes, while drunk, in blingy ships with no probe launchers.  But we got no pew.  After 4 hours (and waaaaay too much whisky) we moved on to shooting sleepers.

I’d say we were doing it wrong, but sometimes that’s just how it goes.  I assume there were bloody skirmishes going on all around us just a few jumps deeper in the chain, or in holes that we WOULD have gotten if we’d rolled our statics just one more time.  But such was not Bob’s will.

I do find that while I have way too little time to actually play EVE, I seem to find lots of time to THINK about playing EVE.  I’ve got some (probably bad) ideas for fleet compositions we’ll be taking on roams Real Soon Now ™.  Hopefully we’ll find some pew and/or lolz then.

In unrelated news, drinking whisky from a Waterford crystal tumbler given to you by your wife really does taste better.

In related news, I need a new bottle of Scapa 16.

Fly intoxicated.


Space politics

One more thing:  my friend and corporate Brodit is one of the available choices for CSM this year.  In my opinion, he is also the best choice for CSM.  He and I are wormholers, but he has time and again expressed his love for all aspects of EVE, and he seems to have a really good head on his shoulders as far as being able to spot mechanic changes that would be good things versus changes that are game breakers.  He’s also a really nice guy who has bought several rounds of drinks for us at Fanfest.

I support Brodit.


I remember years ago, I would spend an entire Saturday sitting in a wormhole and mining. Not AFK, of course.  Back then you had to keep an eye open for new sigs, but you were fairly safe if you immediately warped back to the POS to get into your scanning ship to identify the new sig and see if it was a new connecting hole with possible gankers enroute to you.  Now, of course, they have significantly reduced your window for reaction time, since an entire gank fleet can come through all at once out of a brand new hole (thanks to the sig spawn mechanics), and they no longer need to scan down your ship or your ore field (thanks to grav sites now being anoms rather than sigs), and they no longer have to get caught in whatever bubble trap you might have set up in your ore field (I never did this, but I understand some mining fleets have done so), thanks to interceptors being warp bubble immune.

But I am not complaining.  Mining in w-space was a bit too safe back then.  It’s less safe now, as it should be, but we still mine (on occasion).  In fact, I’m mining right now as I post this.  On a Saturday morning, with my cup of tea, and a paperback to read in between sig and d-scan checks.  I’m not doing it for isk, nor am I doing it for the minerals.  I’m doing it because it’s fun.  There’s… something about mining that I enjoy, and I cannot explain what.  It’s relaxing, kind of like fishing in WoW was back in the day, or perhaps fishing in real life, though I’ve not gone fishing in 2 decades now (and I wouldn’t eat anything caught in local waters anyway).  Even in other games, like minecraft… my favorite activity still seems to be digging and mining.  Hunting for diamond blocks and iron ore, smelting it down.  I can’t explain why, it’s just fun.  Same in the Mass Effect series… those survey mini-games were crack to me, and I had to do them all on every planet, for maximum resource extraction.  Maybe it’s my inner hoarder, or maybe just a throwback to being a little kid with a shovel, digging a bunker in the back yard, or hunting for treasure.

Anyway, I miss the old days of mining in EVE.  It was a great way to pass the hours with friends on comms, drinking way too much, making a little isk, helping contribute to big capital ship production projects or whatever.  But the new days of mining are still good too.  One just has to be on one’s toes.

DUSTing off

Long time no update, again.  I keep thinking about making another episode, or update, and not doing so.  So this time I’m going to update without thinking about it.  Guaranteed to be at least 98% content-free.

It’s hard to keep up with all the changes in EVE.  I mean, it’s great that the developers have been doing so much to improve on, or at least modify and keep fresh, this game that we love and hate and play with such passion.  But the changes have been so rapid-fire that I can’t even begin to keep up with them all.  New ships, new ship types, new mechanics, old mechanics going away or being modified, new PVE sites, new skillpoint transfers, dust being canceled, legion being canceled, Valkyrie still being cool but not yet prime time, as-yet-unnamed FPS in the unreal engine Coming Soon ™… I’ll leave the detailed dissection of these issues to people with more time than I.

I’ll just content myself with enjoying EVE, and maybe someday getting some podcast episodes out again.

Fly topless,


Episode 2

At long last, episode 2 is ready:  http://holefire.org/podcast/holefire_20141124_ep2.mp3

Please send feedback if you enjoyed it, hated it, listened to it at all, etc.

Fly safe!

And if you liked the music, you’ll love this:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5aiwxSfdH0

Here’s the CCP video referenced while Oreamnos and I are chatting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2X1MIR1KMs&list=PLF614A7A6461E61E1